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Provide Support live chat review

Provide Support is a live chat and website traffic monitoring software provider. They offer 10 days free trial, no credit card required.

After you set up an account, you are brought to a website that looks a little old fashioned. It seems like it’s full of advertisements, except it’s just a website version of ProvideSupport. If you won’t let that bother you too much, you can read the next steps that you should take, like customizing your chat messenger window, add chat buttons to your emails, create a set of predefined answers and many more.

Provide Support onboarding

Provide Support Pros


In Provide Support you can customize your operator’s console with your greeting message and company’s logo. You can also add your operator’s image so the chat looks more personal. The live chat button on the website can be either chosen from an existing gallery, or you can upload your own image. The chat messenger can be customized with color schemes and styles that match your website’s main theme.

If you want to match your website’s style, you can customize the chat messenger with offered styles and color schemes.

Real-time visitor monitoring

The real-time visitor feature allows you to view your visitor’s IP address, host name, referrer address, pages visited etc. You can also see a world map and a place from which a user writes to you.

Transfer chats between agents

Provide Support offers she ability to transfer ongoing chats between agents. The other agent can follow-up the case and reply within seconds. It’s useful when an agent doesn’t have the knowledge to solve the case. Thanks to transferring chats there’s no delay, which increases customer satisfaction.

Spelling checker

Spell checker with a few languages like US, Canadian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and many others is built into the Operator Console. It automatically checks your spelling while you’re typing your message in the Live Chat Operator Console and highlight words that might be spelled incorrectly.

It also has a suggestion list. If you’re on the fly you spell something incorrectly in a live chat session, this spell checker will give you a drop down box with a list of possible spellings and you can choose the right word.

Provide Support Cons

I’m not an avid fan of the look of Provide Support interface. I miss the personalization when it comes to the whole website. The image on the main page is a Stock picture which gives you the impression that everything there doesn’t have any personality as well. The video tutorial I watched felt automated, like it wasn’t the real person talking.

I like brands with personalities. While the lack of personality here might not have any impact on customer support on your website, it definitely discourages people like me from using this software.

Provide Support How to Start page


Provide support offers 24 integrations. They integrate with Content Management and Shopping Cart Systems such as WordPress, Magento and Shopify and many others. I didn’t find the integration with Google Analytics though.


When it comes to pricing, Provide Support offers “live chat packages for businesses of any size.”

Provide Support pricing

They allow four types of payments, each month every two months, every six months and annually. Paying annually is the best option or all of the plans. They offer 3 plans – small business with 1 operator, Corporate plans with 3 operator and Enterprise with 10 operators. If you’re interested in more operators, you can check out the PDF file in which they specified prices per operator profile. It looks like this:

Provide Support pricing table with operators

The verdict for Provide Support

With ProvideSupport you can offer personalized service. A geographical presentation of real-time visitor information gives you an insight in what customers are looking for. You have tons of customization options that you can use in your chat.

If you’re not bothered by a little old look of the application, you may find there what you need to provide customer support to your clients.

Pros and Cons

  • Customization
  • Real-time visitors monitoring
  • Spelling checker
  • Interface
  • Personalization

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